Who are we?

Welcome to Kosmikvikings

Welcome to kosmikvikings.com. My name is Mark. I am a 48 year old school teacher and father of two. My family has with a long  Military tradition, my father having been a Vietnam Veteran that later served with the 6th Fleet in Naples Italy and my grandfather served in WWII with the 9th US Infrantry Division. 

Born in St. Louis Missouri I am like the most of our supporters a true Patriot nothing more and nothing less and as such I am not willing to accept our National disgrace of Veterans being homeless and forgotten.

End of 2016 I decided, to understand the true problems of our homeless Veterans to go out for 12 months and live amongst them in Newark NJ and New York. It was the hardest time of my life but made this project, that I have dedicated to my father Robert,  in the end what it is.

In the past years a National disgrace has been spreading that in our eyes needs to be ended immediatly namely the situation of our homeless Heroes.

Currently there are an estimated 40.000 homeless Veterans and over  1.4 million considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing. 

But enough of this statistical bullshit! 

One of the main reasons that this problem is still spreading is that too many organisations "talk the talk" but do not "walk the walk". 

That is what makes the strike force of kosmikvikings different. We are not interested in ratings, self promotion such as selfies while handing a homeless Vet a candybar and a toothbrush, we go in every night and case by case minus all the bureaucratic crap do all we can to lift them up and guide them back into a life of dignity they deserve after giving all for us.

Our team believes that to tackle this problem and finally end it one thing only is needed: Compassion! We have to understand that if we truely care about our Veterans then we need to invest time, hard work and funds into it but in the end Vet by Vet we can eliminate this disgrace.

kosmikvikings has in the past 10 months helped 8 Veterans off the streets, into employment and that totally self funded. Now as the project is growing we must rely on the compassion of our fellow Patriots to support our cause. 

Join kosmikvikings and give back dignity and security to a Veteran!