What do we do?


  • Provide emergency support, shelter, food and clothing
  • Provide access to short term and long term accommodation and ultimately a permanent address
  • Provide access to the correct medical treatment – Mental health, PTSD and drug/alcohol rehabilitation
  • Connect the Veteran after housing to small and mid sized companies that proudly hire Veterans once housed
  • Provide crucial after care as transition can be extremely hard after living on the streets for months

 We are an independent taskforce that do not apply for government funding as we feel they are part of the problem that leads to Veterans becoming homeless, we work with all Veterans from all military forces past and present. we work with any other charity that will help rehome or treat homeless Veterans as long as they genuinely have the Veteran’s best interest at heart as we do not get involved in self promotion and point scoring.  Every cent donated goes 100% without any deductions to the Veterans in need.

Currently kosmikviking volunteers are covering the Tri-State area, Alaska, Illinois and we hope that if funding permits we will be able to spread.....