How can you help?

Besides needing urgent funding through donations we also ask you all to create awareness for homeless Veterans in your area.  We are currently running a international fundraiser for on cause on gofundme. We choose to go international as we have conncetions not only to our US Armed Forces Europe but also to members of the Coalition Forces in the UK and Australia. Eventhough the fundraiser may show Euro, if you donate Dollars you are charged Dollars if Euros then Euros and finally if Pounds then Pounds.

If you have such a case please contact us and we will move in to support in any way possible. Donating, help spreading the word for our strike force and  doing what ever you can to help our homeless Heroes is a way to support the battle against this National disgrace that in our greate country should not be a reality. 

God Bless you and thank you in the name of our forgotten Heroes!